Thursday, March 9, 2017


 In space there is no distance, 
 Since in physics there is no size, 
 All held in perspective, 
 Through the illusions we hold dear. 
 For the planets are a step away, 
 Depending on your size, 
 While depending on your perspective, 
 A moment can last forever. 

 We are mostly empty space, 
 As is the space between us, 
 If all of this forms one whole, 
 Can we truly be apart?
 In the eyes of the bird behind me, 
 I am truly at a distance, 
 But if seen through the heart, 
 Would I then be close at hand? 

 I cannot now see you, 
 With the eyes within my face, 
 As the physical perception, 
 Would place you nowhere near. 
 And yet the vision of the heart, 
 Shows reality's true being, 
 For when I close my eyes, 
 You are always here. 

 The air of space between us, 
 Is but a different form of energy, 
  Displaced through force of love, 
 I draw you close and near. 
 For love knows no bounds, 
 And is overcome by nothing, 
 So the power of separation, 
 Falls faint onto the ground. 

 This is the power of attraction, 
 The force of love's true will, 
 Never failing or faltering, 
 Between souls far and near. 
 For God lives between and through us, 
 Drawing all good things to us, 
 From our feet up through the star dust,
 Why I always feel you near. 

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