Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Only Connecting

 Cars stream by on the morning rush
 Some different and some the same, 
 Yet the seagulls fly over as always. 

 Buildings will rise and then they fall, 
 Businesses come and they go, 
 Yet I hear the birds like all days.

 Upon my hill the day remains, 
  Within the peace of nature's embrace, 
 For some things will never change. 

 With new tools in our hands, 
 We  miss this joy  from the world, 
 In our efforts to rearrange. 

 The eyes that pass by me,
 They have lost their true fire, 
 Which the spark of a smile can ignite. 

 Looking down from the world, 
 Through their data in hand, 
They are lost in digital light.

 All lives must come, 
 And all lives will go, 
 Yet one thing remains the same. 

 Our humanity is gained, 
 Through the energy we spend, 
 In sharing our joy and our pain. 

 Through what the day brings, 
 And no matter what comes, 
 To one thing we must hold dear. 

 Only lives do matter, 
 Only souls last forever, 
 Only connecting does bring cheer. 

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