Monday, March 6, 2017

Not For Sale

 Inspired buy the song "This House is Not For Sale"  and the powerful message John Bon Jovi gave through it. 

 Not for sale, 
Our lives and hearts, 
 Through fire or flame, 
 Through joy or pain, 
 With souls awake, 
 A brand-new start. 

 Without our fear, 
 New race begun, 
 Though far or near, 
 All come who hear, 
 In silent words, 
 This song is sung.

 Through music path, 
 And sounds of light, 
 The artist's brush, 
 With heartfelt rush, 
 Souls join  in song, 
Artist's delight.

 For some will watch, 
 As others do, 
 With image change, 
 Hands rearrange, 
 With life in motion, 
 World is renewed. 

 Through pain in trial, 
 Strength fades away, 
 Hope lost from doubt, 
 Never truly without, 
 For with our eyes closed,
There is still light of day.

 Nothing overcomes, 
In any scale,
 The sheer force of love, 
 Through hearts from above, 
 Death stands in fear, 
Battle to no avail,

Our souls not for sale.

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