Tuesday, March 21, 2017


 We live what we know, 
 We know what we live. 
 We show what we are, 
 We are what we give. 
 Our words are a power, 
 The power to make free. 
 Unleashing what it is, 
 And all it can be. 
 For faith is a river, 
 To see what may seem.
 Making dreams into reality, 
 For all once was dreamed. 
 The land of make-believe, 
 Is of concrete and steel. 
 All reality is of heart, 
 For the heart is what's real. 
 If the soul does have wings, 
 Then this is what they are. 
 Keeping us in flight, 
 And carrying us far. 
 We lineup in procession, 
 To where we don't know. 
 We begin every morning, 
 And all day we just go. 
 In losing the meaning, 
 Of why we have begun, 
 We have lost our true joy, 
 We have forgotten about fun. 
 Not just a joke, 
 To make the day light, 
 But the attitude of joy, 
 From which fear takes flight. 
 This takes a faith,
 In something unending,
 For when all stands against us, 
 We need someone unbending,
 For we all make mistakes, 
 Because weakness is odd, 
 There is one who is perfect, 
 And that someone is God. 
 He will not stand before us, 
 To prove he is true. 
 When we live faith we prove him, 
 In what we say and do. 
 His  presents shows clearly, 
 With no reason to doubt, 
 He has signature results, 
 In how things work out. 
 In restoring the meeting, 
 And the joy back to life, 
 One must step from the darkness, 
 From confusion to light. 
 And then the blind can see, 
 For sight is from the heart, 
 We have never been alone, 
 God was there from the start. 

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