Thursday, March 30, 2017


The music I hear is timeless, 
 As is your love, 
 Sitting in a cafĂ© this morning, 
 It is 1943 to my ears, 
 Yet my heart knows no years, 
 Though my eyes say you are far, 
 And the date is really today, 
 You are close with me forever, 

 The sun rose as before, 
 As it always seems to do, 
 To the birds a day like others, 
 To me it is fresh and new, 
 Because I always have you, 
 There is never an end to joy,
 Hardship is only an illusion, 
 For love is all that is real, 

 The leaders will always follow, 
 The paths set for them before, 
 The papers play there lonely games, 
 Yet he who follows his heart, 
 Will never have strength depart, 
 The chaos may rule the day, 
 Peace will rule over his soul, 
 Flowing from the heart of God, 

 I dance with you through time, 
 The illusion bringing order to space, 
 That we may comprehends our lives, 
 Though time has no beginning or end, 
 And love through all transcends, 
 As this song of life binds souls,
 With meaning no words can describe, 
 Though I dance it with you night and day, 

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