Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Moments in Time

  Moments  have beginnings, 
 But they do not have endings, 
 For we return to them, 
 Through heart's doorway,
 Where our souls walk through that garden, 
 Over and over again. 

 We draw from these moments, 
 Composing our own futures, 
 Bringing light from other souls, 
 We have encountered in the past, 
 To people they have not met, 
 Along our present paths.

 Moments are a currency,
 With value beyond measure, 
 The value of  eternity, 
 Counted out in pocket change, 
 Yet to spare someone a nickel, 
 Is value beyond measure. 

 Life is a mosaic, 
 A great tapestry of souls, 
 Endless image of moving magic, 
 For art is of free will, 
 To choose colors of joy or pain, 
 And then lift the brush to others. 

 For who can buy a moment, 
 Or add one second to a day? 
 For the chances here on Earth,
 Will not come again, 
 Yet as opportunities to love, 
 They compose the magic of forever. 

 Time is a reflection, 
 Of many sparks of life, 
 In this continuum of change, 
 With our joy we rearrange, 
 Through love's indomitable power, 
 Life's meaning is fulfilled. 

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