Friday, March 24, 2017

Trying Not to Write

 I succeeded,
 I did not write a thing! 
 And I always write something, 
 On the walk, 
 Or in the cafĂ©, 
 For in life, 
 There is too much to share, 
 Should I stop, 
 Or do I even dare? 
 It keeps on unfolding, 
 This thing we call life, 
 Through times of joy, 
 Even in trial or strife,
 For to stop is a sin, 
 And a new day begins, 
 There is more to do and say, 
 Even in the same places, 
 Even with the same faces, 
 For whom in time and space, 
 Has ever defined life? 
 I keep trying, 
 And I keep writing, 
 Even in this effort not to write, 
 And people keep living, 
 And keep giving, 
 And loving, 
 In the day and in the night, 
 And so this is my effort, 
 Trying not to write. 

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