Friday, March 17, 2017


The heart is a river, 
 Through which creation flows, 
 Words and actions done, 
 Blow through the air like leaves, 
 Person to person, 
 From each blows many, 
 Affecting lives around them, 
 Through joy or through pain. 

 For just a single word, 
 Can inspire a life of confidence, 
  A choice from freedom of will, 
 To lead a life of peace, 
 Not in worry about others, 
 Knowing God has all in hand, 
 Others feeling this strength in turn, 
 Reciprocating joy and peace. 

 For free will is the key, 
 Unlocking beauty of the heart, 
 As the artist must be willing, 
 To pick up his or her brush, 
 To choose a palette of joy, 
 Field with the colors of life, 
 From the heart then flows a picture, 
 Either of pain or of joy. 

 For just a smile given to one, 
 Is often seen by many, 
 And turn one of those souls, 
 From a darkened day, 
 Who would have planted seeds, 
 Of anger from her pain, 
 Turning many hearts to darkness,
 And one smile brings light again. 

 Every moment is a universe, 
 And every decision a timeline, 
 Affecting time and space, 
 From free will in just one place, 
 An action or a word of love, 
 Spreading light like a fire, 
 For transference is a power, 
 Bringing meaning back to life. 

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