Thursday, March 23, 2017


 Time given, 
 An action done, 
 Words spoken, 
 A battle won,
 With love required, 
 There is a cost, 
 To make a change, 
 From battles lost, 
 Results not seen, 
 Still may come, 
 For things go forth, 
 From where they come, 
 And acts of love, 
 Have the best start, 
 For where they come, 
 Is from the heart, 
 And other lives, 
They often change,
 For energy, 
 Will rearrange, 
 And change of course, 
 Others will voice, 
  Changing perspective, 
 Is freedom of choice, 
 Though from a cost, 
 Comes all things nice, 
 They would not be,
 Without sacrifice. 

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