Friday, December 2, 2016

From the Ashes - For The people of Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Dolly Parton is giving $1000 a month to help people who have lost their homes in this tragedy affecting the place she has known as home. What will you do?

Where is God to allow such things?
The fear through the night,
Tempered by the pain of loss,
Hope replaced by hopelessness,
And then there is the Cross.

Do miracles light up the sky?
If God is all powerful,
Then miracles are merely acts,
But Christ's love with in our hearts,
Turns the impossible into facts.

What can rise from these ashes?
Bones of loved ones mixed with wood,
Permeate these blessed grounds,
Their love forever in our hearts,
New direction can be found.

Can darkness really show the light?
This truth Jesus taught to me,
On this dark stage together,
Actions from our hearts will weather,
Showing God's love as it should be.

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