Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Tapestry - For Irene Sutera

Many lives,
Have walked the earth,
In the past and the future,
Crossing souls in the wind,
Lifting their voice to the sky,
Each with a story.

We live and we thrive,
On our own paths of duty,
Driving passion into the stone,
Carving out our markings,
Leaving a legacy to be known,
Not aware of the stories around us.

If all of the stories,
Can be shown in truth and glory,
The tapestry would stretch,
Beyond limits and imagination,
Beyond length and width,
And not contain all.

Each face and what was seen,
All the faces yet to come,
All the pains and all the joys,
All of the love in each embrace,
Let the wonder of it all,
Be seen within our eyes.

For the energy of lives,
Never fade from the light of day,
For all matter is made of energy,
Everything seen and heard is energy,
So each life makes reality,
More beautiful than before.

It is time which makes the bond,
Where a face never leaves our hearts,
And a heartbeat never ceases,
When we invest our lives in another,
And the gift to us becomes eternal,
In what we carry forth.

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