Thursday, September 18, 2014

Find Me

The basic cry of every human spirit is to find ourselves,
and be found.

On a journey,
Far from home,
In whispered words,
I do roam,
Definition’s reason,
Purpose finds season,
In partial pictures,
Glinting light,
In day or night,
Surrounding surreal,
Like broken glass,
Future and past,
Presents of present,
Wrapped in presence,
Each one experience,
Not recompense,
Of things I have done,
Not on the run,
Some images mine true,
Some gifts from you,
None are perfect,
Soundless films,
On shards of glass,
Each a puzzle piece,
All hope of peace,
You share this path,
All of you with me,
Some souls connect,
Impressions for life,
My soul is two,
As man and wife,
All spirits touch close,
Closer than warm touch,
Through the light of eyes,
Shining light on meaning,
Which we all seek,
Crying out to thee,
Find me.

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