Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fierce Grace

I saw a hawk catching a fish in the river behind
where I work this afternoon.   I could not "take" a picture
of what happened, but I will give one.

From heights soaring down,
Falling at great speed,
Wings spread in purpose,
Heart set on purpose,
With silvery goal in sight,
Talons upon the waters,
In a burst of diamond drops,
Prey lifts into the air,
As she calls out victory,
To the nest nursery,
As her children await,
Safe in her heart.
For the heart drives us,
Soaring to great heights,
Facing all dangers,
Without fear or doubt,
Standing in the way,
For the overpowering,
Is the passion in heart,
Allowing us the power,
To do mighty things,
With delicate hands,
For the ones we love,
Fanning flames of fire.
Far into the past,
And standing in the future,
A perfect loving father,
Indomitable in strength,
Powerful living love,
Reached from the Heavens,
Walking in our pain,
Opened great doorway,
Through blood of His heart,
Abating every curse,
Giving power all living,
That we know love forever.

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