Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day - Inspired by Ewa

I wrote this poem inspired by all of the time I spend with my wife and best friend Ewa.  Watching her with my daughter is an inspiration in how she teaches her, loves her, and lifts her up.  When I am with her, any work which needs doing seems likes it is no work at all.  Any pain I feel is no longer there.  All I know is love.  Even though I recognize I have only known her for a certain time in life, it seems like there has been no time without her.  She is the most wonderful wife and mother I know.

I have felt the breeze,
Pass through the trees,
So many times before.
I have known the light,
Which follows night,
Just outside my door.
I had never thought,
To know that life,
Could be felt so true.
My eyes had never,
Seen the light,
Until they first saw you.

A woman who,
Could feel a heart,
From a mile away.
The first time,
I held your hand,
Began a brand new day.
The beauty of,
Your tender smile,
Would always drive me wild.
Then you became,
Ever lovelier,
When you bore our child.

Within your arms,
Tender and strong,
We share strength and life.
To my little girl,
A loving Mom,
To me best friend and wife.
You fill us both,
With dreams and joy,
For love in you abounds,
I could never think,
Life could be so full,
The scope of which confounds.

May others who,
See us in the day,
Share in joy we live.
For this is what,
Life should hold,
As to life we must give.
For how to see,
Through my heart,
You showed me the way,
I thank God,
For all that you are,
Upon this Mother’s Day.

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