Monday, May 14, 2012

The Unthinkable

Every life that is,
Is a universe of life,
As from the one,
Comes many lives,
And from the children,
Come many more,
And if that life,
Must come to an end,
For that one ending,
Is the saving of millions,
Could you face the one,
Looking eye to eye?
Could you walk away?
Would you stand and cry?
For what is one of many?
It is like a small key,
Opening a large door,
And the door must open,
So that millions walk through,
Tasting the gift of life,
Yet unaware of the cost,
As you look at the one,
Straight into the eyes,
Feeling nothing but love,
And the worth of that soul,
You decide what to do,
Knowing who you are,
And what you believe,
Reaching out your hand,
Lifting that life as yours,
You do everything you can,
Striving for that one life,
Though you do not succeed,
Your act of free will,
Becomes par t of God’s plan,
And your gift was received,
In the heart of the one,
For love works miracles,
Though they may be unseen,
And as the millions were saved,
Your free will joined hearts,
And the one is alive,
In you.

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