Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When I started writing this I began to contemplate Vincent Van Gogh’s potential thoughts concerning the colors of life in his work.  To be in touch with reality to that extent requires the gift of not allowing daily trials to distract us from how wonderful life truly is.  Some have said that he had a way of using his pain in life to capture the beauty of all that he saw around him.  May we all see more of life and the universe every day as we explore how our gifts can make it all more wonderful.

Life is continuous,
Resisting definition,
Full of visible sounds,
And colors you can hear,
As the birds overhead,
Sail across ground in flight,
The ground flies beneath,
Traveling through space,
Our planet as a free bird,
Soars across the stars,
While upon it we stand,
Creating our rhythms,
Matters of consequence,
Like chaff in the wind,
We drown out the music,
Of the spirits surrounding,
With creatures of the ocean,
Meeting our hearts on the shore,
And everything with sight,
Turns its eyes to the heavens,
Looking up in wonder,
At who may be looking down,
For the flowers of the fields,
Fill the canvas with emotion,
Each one a different note,
Within the songs of our lives,
Though a flower fades away,
The imprint stands with us,
Written upon our hearts,
The flower never dies,
As the song of our lives,
Join other songs around us,
In amazed contemplation,
Embracing all with my heart,
Sharing everything I can,
For to hear in true color,
Your heart must fly.

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