Thursday, May 31, 2012

Upon Nothing

I wrote this piece because I began thinking about Job.  In his discussions he described God as putting the skies in their place and hanging the Earth upon nothing.  How could an ancient shepherd that died 3,000 years ago have the slightest concept about astrophysics? The scary thing is he was right.

Of mysteries,
There are many,
Of wonders,
Life is filled,
As we explore,
Looking ahead,
Tools of sight,
Help us to see,
Yet what was seen,
By those before us?
A simple shepherd,
Known as Job,
Spoke of God,
Suspending the sky,
And hanging the Earth,
Upon nothing at all,
This weighs upon me,
How so long ago,
Such a person,
Knew the profound,
Which few consider,
Walking their lives,
Dancing with shadows,
Surrounded by miracles,
Not noticed at all,
For all that is solid,
Is paradox in balance,
As the tiniest particles,
Are mostly just space,
Their energies within,
Hold them together,
While energy they have,
Tries to push them apart,
As their furthest parts,
Circle around centers,
Across a vast emptiness,
Which they cannot pass,
So as an ancient shepherd,
Marveled at the Earth,
Hung upon nothingness,
I stand in astonishment,
Seeing life around me,
Thriving amidst nothing,
For God is everything.

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