Monday, November 24, 2014

Perpetual Instance

Light pours forth,
From the nearest star,
Lighting our journey,
Through endless night,
We voyage together,
Souls in flight.

A perpetual instance,
Life seems forever,
While walking the Earth,
From a temporal view,
For the heart sees true.

And if God is forever,
Then days are not numbered,
For when looking into time,
He sees all ages,
When we see but one,
He views all the pages.

The Trinity they say is true,
With one God as three,
And it surely can be so,
We are each samples,
Being wisdom soul and heart,
I am just a simple example.

All energy is endless,
Bound just by the mind,
Which is closed to perspective,
Without the heart,
That gives all true vision,
Just give it a start.

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