Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Transcending Light

We are never alone,
Time passing through time,
As we mark the changes,
In this veil of illusion,
We mark the chapters,
Yet are they really there?
For there are no chapters,
In the song of life.

God sees us on Earth,
So alive in his love,
We choose to embrace,
The one true God,
Yet when leaving Earth,
We never leave His sight,
For He sees the past as now,
And then we are with Him,
We move from life on Earth,
To life realized in perfection,
And the song never ends.

I see our souls moving,
Colors in motion,
Passing within and above,
Each adding to another,
Each color growing,
Changing in beauty,
Never loosing character,
For we each touch another,
Life upon life,
Love upon love,
Shining God's light.

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