Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Waters of Fire

This river pours forth,
From the spring in my heart,
No end in the flow,
Returning to start,
In me the the passion renews,
Till all obstacles are subdued.

The pain is an engine,
Which leads me to joy,
The arrows against me,
My heart will employ,
Till battle in love be won,
The darkness of fear is undone.

From the heart,
To the head,
On the run,
Which is led,
And humans inspire,
Fueled by waters of fire.

We are tied as one,
By veins of our souls,
Beneath the great sun,
Many facets made whole,
Through the mystery of life,
We learn as man and wife.

Our children do play,
With the joy of a laugh,
As the winds of our ways,
Pull from innocence grasp,
Closing minds to the flow,
May they rise up to know.

From the heart,
To the head,
It is life,
Which is said,
And we do inspire,
Fueled by waters of fire.

We are wind in the trees,
Changing the Earth’s face,
From the heart we can see,
The truth that flows from grace,
We all pass here for a season,
To add truth to life’s reason.

This song does not end,
When night comes to pass,
For all energy changes,
And it is life that will last,
We can feel it proclaimed,
Through the blood in our veins.

From each birth,
Which soul sends,
Force of life,
Never ends,
And we stand inspired,
Fueled by waters of fire.

From the Earth,
To the stars,
Force of love,
Travels far,
And no one will tire,
Fueled by waters of fire.

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