Friday, November 21, 2014

Never in Heaven

It struck me that one thing we can do on Earth, which we will never do in Heaven, is left someone up.  We will never have that pleasure there as no one will be down again.  How many wonderful things there are which we can do now, if we count each day a blessing to use!

You cannot lift someone up,
Where no one will ever be down,
Experiencing wonderful joy,
Of bringing such strength,
To bring someone through,
The darkness.

We will no longer be learning,
Where all things are known,
Surrounded by beauty in truth,
In wisdom walking through wonders,
Fantasy fulfillment of joy,
In light.

Helping the sick will be history,
As history becomes fulfilled,
With all sickness and pain departing,
Perfect health and happiness imparting,
From the hand of the Heart of Life,
In God.

Expectation’s excitement,
Becomes fulfilled in fullness,
For all good things that could be,
Live forever where they should,
With accomplishment accomplished,
In fullness.

Here on Earth is opportunity,
To add to the treasure of forever,
For Paradise is more than we can see,
Imagination beyond the reach of joy,
For there is much we can do here,
Though never in Heaven.

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