Thursday, September 20, 2012

Headline News - Special Report: The World is Still Beautiful!

After you see the news headlines for today, I want you to come back to my headline and know what remains the same in spite of all of the daily concerns.  If there is not something you are personally doing to make life a little better, go support someone who is.  We will make the difference together.  Faith is not religious jargon, in simplest form it is imagining good and making it real.

Now tell me you don't think you can and that you are not talented.  I am nobody, barely making a living 8-5 and yet I have impacted lives around the world.  Just do what it is you can do, and it will happen.  Trust me.

(This poem was inspired by the amazing video above.)

The earth turns,
Within the endless sky,
The heavens sparkle,
As in a woman’s eyes,
Love showers me with care,
As the wind blows through my hair,
And we dance.

Clouds caress mountains,
Rolling below my feet,
Spring bloom perfumes,
Embrace my heart sweet,
Woodland creatures behold me,
As I trace life in the stars,
And we dance.

Birds surround in flight,
Contemplating where I may go,
They surround like souls,
Of so many people I know,
As I take what I feel here,
To the people who are so dear,
And we dance.

Our world hangs upon nothing,
And yet we are all safe,
Within the hand of God,
flying together through space,
As we whirl upon the dance floor,
In the circle of life ever more,
We will dance.

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