Thursday, September 27, 2012

An Endless Journey

For Jessica Ghawi Redfield

I had already written for the victims in Aurora, CO.  Then I kept seeing her picture in my wife's People magazine.  I kept hearing the words, "What am I going to do?"  I am going to make sure her spirit lives in the hearts of anyone who has heard of her.  An explorer's heart is a rare thing and it was in her heart to go forth, and share what she has found.  To support students getting ready to go forth into the world, you can support the scholarship fund in her name at

Journeys only have beginnings….

An explorer’s heart,
Is always awake,
Eyes of the heart,
See through clouds,
Finding the answers,
Seeking the truth,
Sharing the finding,
For the joy of all,
Traveling the miles,
Growing in heart,
The soul burns,
To find meaning,
The soul flies,
With like hearts,
We soar higher,
Flying together,
For the heart thrives,
With passion of life,
Energy of love,
Which is the reason,
Those who flew before,
Never leave the sky,
Flying further still,
In the scope of our hearts.

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