Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Let’s Get Real

I called my wife on break this morning and four minutes from the end, she called me back.  I started typing this when she picked up, and finished just before hanging up.  I was just letting this flow on the keyboard while talking with her.  It comes easy when its real.

A day I do not kiss you,
Is a day wasted,
A day I do not smile,
Is a smile lost forever,
To not say I love you,
Is to leave wine bottled,
Taste left unshared,
Your heart cannot feel,
To not hold your hand,
Is to leave a song unsung,
For much occurs in life,
Things beyond control,
But how I face your eyes,
Is a choice made every day,
No matter what circumstance,
Your beauty shines within me,
And to tell you how that feels,
Is my lifelong pride and joy.

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