Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Breath We Share

Ewa Markvoort (see: was a brave young woman who did everything she could to support people fighting Cystic Fibrosis, though she was terminal with the disease.  Back in 2011 I could not help but think in terms of what I could do to support her as she was supporting so many.  I wrote nearly one piece a day, emailed them to the hospital, and a patient message service sent them to her room each time until she passed away.  Due to privacy rules I never could communicate directly, but the patient service that was delivering my "messages" told me she would read each and every one.  You never know what you can do and who you can touch.  Support The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation at as they search for a cure.  I have taken this older work to post on my blog today, because I simply will not allow the world to forget a true picture of courage.

Look out into open spaces,
Turn your face unto the sky,
Behold the setting sun,
Burning red hues in the clouds,
Bringing on the waiting stars,
And the moon to guide our way,
Our cares cast upon the heart,
Bearing burdens shared,
Lightening the whole,
Within labors of life and trial,
Sweat of toil upon the brow,
Breathing full sustaining air,
Fragranced with mountain laurel,
Or spiced by waves of the sea,
Breathing heavy in our work,
Breathing full and slow in rest,
Some breathing free,
Others fighting for every breath,
Together we move upon the earth,
Where laughter spreads like fire,
And a tear shared is like water,
Nurtures the rose of love,
Seed fallen from heaven,
Growing with each tear,
From the clouds of our eyes,
Shed in pain or in joy,
Falling like rain from above,
For we are all bound by life,
We are all underneath the air,
Yet hand in hand our hearts soar,
Like the seagulls in the sky,
Seemingly soaring without effort,
Gliding on the ocean breezes,
As our hearts soar upon life,
For each breath we take,
Returns unto the whole,
Bearing burdens for the other,
Strengthens hearts and binds souls,
For it is from the same sky we receive,
The breath we share.

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