Monday, September 17, 2012

Never Give Up

There are reasons I should have never made it to today, yet hear I am writing and blessed by my family.  I wrote this to inspire others, as Olivia Newton-John inspires from her experience, to never give up fighting for life no matter what they see or experience.  Some of our songs are longer, and some are shorter in ways we can not control.  Yet one life saved can translate into 16 grandchildren who would have never existed otherwise.  Though our individual songs are of different lengths and rhythms, our collective song is forever and continues to inspire through the heart.  Please support the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Center at    
They told me I was dead,
I think they were right,
With less time to live,
No hope they could give,
They did what they could,
Told me what they should,
And I should give up the fight.
I could not face the truth,
With family to live for,
And too many goodbyes,
I had to live as though alive,
All I could do was try,
Trading tears for fears,
Awaiting the next sunrise.
Prayer was not my routine,
I found myself talking,
Asking God to listen,
Reading all I could do,
Eating things anew,
Following the doctor,
I followed my will to live.
For my passion did thrive,
Fueled by loved ones near,
The times we shared dear,
Treating each day a gift,
And life as a true blessing,
I refused to loose my smile,
Through each day of testing.
For miracles do happen,
Yet we must choose to see,
At first with our hearts,
Until we do with our eyes,
For other eyes to see,
Gaining faith in our fight,
That they may never give up.

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