Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Eyes of the Soul

This time you have to read it before I describe why I wrote it!  After you do, please consider visiting and supporting the American Foundation for the Blind online.

I have waited for this,
All through my life,
I am here in Alaska,
The night is calling,
Nature surrounding,
Frosted with ice,
We venture forth,
Greeted by the stars,
Gazing upon us,
Bright points of life,
With our heads raised,
The concert begins,
In a roar of silence,
The aurora swims,
Gently through waters,
The black waters above,
Through which we sail,
The Earth is our ship,
I can hear the colors,
Surrounding in beauty,
Lifting my soul,
With invisible hands,
The beauty I see,
In the music before me,
Carries my voice,
For I have no choice,
In the song of life,
Under celestial band,
A tear befalls me,
As the voices around me,
Speak of awe and beauty,
In words unknown,
For born without sight,
I have escaped the night,
And see creation’s splendor,
On canvas in my soul.

This was written when I asked a co-worker from Alaska to describe the aurora borealis to me.  I said you had to describe it for me as if I were born blind.  The reply was it is not possible to do so, and that’s when this poem came into my heart.

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