Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Olivia - Written for Olivia Newton-John

Tonight was a night like no other.  Olivia Newton-John came to San Diego and my wife got tickets to see her.  As she has been part of my inspiration to write, I came with my book in hand with a dedication I wrote.  The security people were gracious enough to allow me to hand it to her.  After the concert I told her, "Inspiration changes form to give wings to new hearts while faith and love continue on with us being the song of life."   She agreed as my daughter was tremendously inspired by her music and meeting her.  Jessica lit up as soon as she saw Olivia, and I took a step back.  Olivia was just glowing as they conversed.  Jessica was overjoyed, and told Olivia that she wanted to be a star like her.  While Olivia was giving Jessica her autograph I told her that she was, "Giving wings to new hearts."  She looked up and simply said, "Absolutely!"  For her gift from the heart, I dedicate this poem once again to Olivia.
She came from down under,
With a voice like no other,
Singing love of life from her heart,
All those with ears,
Would hear beauty through the years,
That has blossomed more fully from the start.
From the country she came,
A southern style she sang,
Joining voice and heart with John,
With Denver she learned how to fly away,
Not knowing away he would fly,
In his leaving she joined those who cried,
Yet carried on his love in her song.
With Andy so young and so bright,
She sang her song in new light,
With the Brothers Gibb,
As close as family,
Singing with Maurice and Barry,
She would not let love be thrown away,
When away flew the life of Andy.
When the storm came for her,
She clung to the tree,
As cancer came like wind blown hail,
She would not give up her heart,
She would not silence her love,
And in singing her life did prevail.
Threw all of this and more,
She has sailed her ship to shore,
Wind filled with love’s power through song,
As we are each broken by pain,
We hear her voice again,
And know that no trials may last too long.
So for never giving up,
And never giving in,
And never losing sight,
For against love all hardship is trivia,
So that others may read,
Of how strength comes through love,
This poem is written for Olivia.

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