Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Witness

 It takes only one.  We are many.    

I wrote this for a reason.  Peter Gabriel learned about the tragic killing of a South African civil rights leader named Stephen Biko, and he made the world feel the loss in song.  In that way he made work of this man more powerful than anyone could have realized by bringing world attention to the dire situation.  The human rights organization known as Witness was later started by Peter Gabriel to continue and build on this work using media as the eyes and ears of of the world.  Through the power of song, Gabriel united cultures vastly different that we may know and feel we are one.  Through the power of love, Witness continues the work that is still needed so that many thousands more will have the chance to live.  The simple acts of being able to work, raise a family, and love are taken for granted when they come easily.  I ask those of us blessed in this way to give some time, gifts of skill, or money to help Witness in this cause.  When one does much, many can be touched.  When we all do even the smallest things towards a purpose, we move the world.  

I am adding this recent news picture as it depicts child soldiers which the poem touches on, as Witness is an organization that is trying to stop this from happening.   These children training for al Queda are as young as 5 years old.

They are out there,
Within the silence,
Walking among us,
In invisible clouds,
Living their lives,
In the ancient ways,
Whispers in the dust,
As dark clouds approach,
For the rains are coming,
In the brightness of day,
The rains are coming,
To wash them away.
Can you hear the voices?
Is there too much noise?
Can you hear the voices?
Of those girls and boys?
They want to live,
They are here with us,
For a chance at life.

They live in danger,
Out on their streets,
In a separate world,
Which we know not,
To say the wrong thing,
Within the wrong place,
Without a home,
And without a place,
We must first see,
To correct the wrong,
And open our eyes,
Before they are gone.

Can you hear the voices?
Is there too much noise?
Can you see the choices?
Of those girls and boys?
They want to live,
They are here with us,
We have the power,
They need a witness.

A man named Biko,
Died for freedom,
In the darkness,
He was covered,
The voice of Peter,
Lifted him up,
The voice of song,
Gave him new life,
For we are the song,
So the world could hear,
Making a stand for love,
To take away their fear.

Can you hear our voices?
Become an indomitable noise?
Can you our choices?
And the tools to employ?
They want to live,
Our family needs us,
We have the power,
We are The Witness.

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