Thursday, September 13, 2012

Humans "Being"

Who we are is what we all add up to together.  It is our actions and words that define us.  Especially what we do to help one another.  Support with your words, with your actions, and with  your prayers.     
We are blood,
We are of bone,
We travel far,
We are at home,
We have our strength,
We often tire,
We are of heart,
We are of fire,
For it is fire,
Leading to rain,
For it is joy,
Leading to pain.
 How does water,
Come from the wind?
Why does without,
Lead to within?
Why do we fail,
Before we try?
When it’s our place,
To soar and fly?
And as we stand,
Within our place,
We dance the stars,
Through time and space,
For through our sweat,
We come and sing,
And from the heart,
Our freedom rings,
Amidst the trees,
Within our tribe,
Or concrete jungle,
Where we thrive,
This is our love,
This is our thing,
The magic lies,
In humans being.

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