Monday, October 1, 2012

The Wine Glass

 I was doing dishes while my wife was working on the computer in the other room.  I had been thinking how many more new ideas can I write on when I have one book out there, and 3 manuscripts waiting behind it once people realize that I write.  I was putting a clean wine glass away, this came to heart, and I sent it to her from a laptop in the kitchen while I was putting dishes away and writing.

She is strong,
In her delicacy,
Smooth surface,
Reflecting light,
Beauty in the sun,
Suspended flow,
In the moonlight,
See her glow,
Curve in motion,
Turning inwards,
A circle of life,
Back upon herself,
She is a vessel,
Holding the joy,
You fill within her,
Filling her heart,
Upon slender stem,
Within your hand,
While holding her,
As she holds you,
With love of life,
Upon her lips,
As you taste of,
The living wine.

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