Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dear Shawn

How can I say,
So much has happened,
Since the last we spoke,
You were gone,
And I went on,
Many miles traveled,
Many miles yet to go,
We were in our room,
You had a tape of songs,
Peter Gabriel was never wrong,
I was fond of hearing Biko,
And Games Without Frontiers,
Would you have known,
From that beginning,
Of now when I am grinning?
Because I sang that song,
Within a stadium crowd,
With my family,
We saw Peter,
After giving him,
My written works,
We sang Biko together,
How could you know,
Of a little town?
A town away in Poland,
Where a girl,
Led a couple,
Who were taking,
A guided tour,
Then the couple,
Guided the tour girl,
To come with them,
Unto America,
And in America,
I fell in love with her,
Now we have family,
But if that couple,
Never met her,
Would my daughter,
I now be knowing?
These things,
I now am showing,
For so many years,
You have been gone,
Why was it you,
Instead of me?
I pass a biker,
Who did go down,
His wounds being tended,
And yet he lives,
When you did not,
And when I ask why,
I know he is a brother too,
Of someone else,
I never knew,
There is so much,
That we can see,
Through all energies,
Beneath the currents,
Yet knowing the tide,
I go on blessed,
With strength and pride,
My loving family,
Sees all with me,
For we can not answer,
All questions asked,
We cannot answer,
Through the tears,
While many are living,
Through all their fears,
And so I rise,
With every day,
To make it count,
Right from the start,
But are with me,
Inside my heart.

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