Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Kiss

This is a painting done by Jane Seymour called "The Kiss" and the one which inspired me the most when we met her in La Jolla.  The characters portrayed are from "Somewhere in Time" in which she starred with Christopher Reeve.  She spoke of him as a remarkable human being, and a kindred spirit.  This poem is inspired by the painting, and all the love of life that went into this inspiring moment. You can support research into helping others who suffer spinal injuries like him by visiting the  Christopher Reeve Foundation.  Visit Jane Seymour's website at http://www.janeseymour.com. 

It is in finding ourselves,
That we find each other,
Traveling across time,
Seeking through space,
Breaking probability,
For all bends to love,
She has sought meaning,
Every morning in the mirror,
Every night in her prayers,
He has sought answers,
What it all is for,
Why is he here,
If it is only alone,
Seeking each other,
Without knowing,
Following the sense,
No one can describe,
The find each other,
Beside the waters,
And side by side,
They walk together,
Learning each other,
Knowing their joys,
Understanding fears,
Finding their answers,
Becoming one,
As they stand close,
Gently holding her face,
As love lets go of fear,
Standing in pure strength,
He touches her like a rose,
His petals to her blossom,
Until their lips touch softly,
In that one blessed moment,
For no moment beginning,
Will ever have an end,
This moment is forever,
Within the kiss.

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