Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Digital Fire

I wrote this for Peter Gabriel inspired by his words in the San Diego concert on the night of October 8, 2012.  I never saw personal digital technology as good, until he spoke of using it in terms of uniting hearts and passions to inspire good in our world.

So what will happen?
You will read this and many will go to to see what I am talking about.
Half of those people will read through information there.
Half of those people will decide to do something.
Half of those people will make a difference in other lives.
And you will change the world.

The flame is catching,
Around the world,
Spreading to all lives,
Seeing through all eyes,
For in every corner,
Light is captured,
Life is captive,
Upon the screen,
Images of events,
Otherwise unknown,
Racing between souls,
At the speed of touch,
From screen to screen,
From message to message,
Upon the net we live,
Accessible and accessed,
For the limit of our knowledge,
Is how much we want,
The limits of our feeling,
Are how much we need,
Can we feel the child solider,
Embracing his rifle,
Huddled in the darkness,
To protect his people,
Knowing the touch of death,
Before knowing a woman’s lips?
Can we feel the distant farmer,
Knowing his family’s land,
Generation upon generation,
Fruitful through hard work,
Bringing joy unto children,
Until forced from his home,
He is brought to homelessness?
To see his children on the streets,
Beneath the tears of his wife,
For these things go on,
As the evil within hearts,
Finds freedom unto action,
Within the darkness we provide,
Yet through linking our hearts,
Upon the digital network,
We weave the net of love,
Capturing lost souls,
Drying the tears,
Bringing light to darkness,
Through our digital fire.

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