Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Compassionate Voyager

I wrote this some years ago and it is from my first book Endless Perspective of Life which you can buy from me SIGNED by clicking on the title above.  If you will be with me in La Jolla on October 20th, I can dedicate a copy of the book to you in person.

This was written the day Pope John Paul II passed away.  I sent a copy to the Vatican in commemoration of his life and received a hand written thank you from Stanizlaw Dziewz who has served with him for decades.

    There I was as a boy in confusion,
Lost in a world of lies and illusion,
Then I saw the man in white,
Traveling through the night,
To visit the poor longing for light,
And he kissed the ground they walked on.

There I was a young man,
Watching the world erecting great towers,
Watching the blind fight for power,
Then he visited a people of conflicting belief,
Bringing their souls love and relief,
And he kissed the ground they walked on.

There I was trying to understand,
Myself in darkness yet determined to fight,
A life without understanding devoid of light,
And he walked the Earth still,
Surrounded by millions of young souls,
Seeking the joy of his love,
As he faced them from upon the hill,
For as he came to greet them,
He kissed the ground they walked on.

Then God shone His light upon my face,
I no longer felt displaced,
My family by my side,
As I learned how much God loves me,
I simply stood there and cried,
For he sent me that faithful man,
Who came to visit my land,
Though I never saw him do it,
 I felt the moment and knew it,
He kissed the ground I walked on,
And made me understand.

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