Friday, October 19, 2012

The Voice of a Tear

This is from my book, but I am posting it for my friend John today who just lost his father.

As the golden sun rises in the east,
With freshness and warmth of life,
Shining on a new page for us to read and live,
Illuminating joy to share and hope to give,
As a mosaic of song is woven through the air,
Joining beating hearts with chords of love,
Thus stirring the soul of man and beast.

The laughter of our loved ones fill the pages,
Speaking truth with the wisdom of sages,
Separating truth from illusion,
Dividing priority from worldly confusion,
Showing true treasure apart from lies,
Confirmed each time a loved one turns,
And looks into our eyes.

Yet per chance within a moment's turn,
Within a flash the pain is learned,
And we know the one is gone.

With grief the burning tears do tell,
The fortress of love no force can fell,
Each one from the spring of our heart does flow,
Each one with voices,
Each one with laughter,
Each one with strength,
Each one a testimony of the blessing,
Blessings given by the one we know.
Each tear forming a stone,
Each stone forming a hall,
Each hall lined with images,
Each image tells all.

As the testimony is delivered,
The case is won,
To the glory of God,
Even death is undone!
For how could the one exist in the heart,
Except the one is alive and whole?
For the bonds of love are eternal,
For the hearts are still joined by love,
 Between Heaven and Earth,
In the only way distance shall never part!

In our grief we find the comfort of healing,
Tied to the joy of life,
A passion that must be pursued,
If one would go on loving and feeling.
Yet how can we find comfort,
When no voice is near,
While in grief you can listen,
To the voice of a tear.

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