Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I wrote this last night coming home from the Peter Gabriel concert in San Diego.  Besides being an experience beyond words, it was inspirational the way Peter spoke of people as one organism with many minds and hearts.  He said what happens in this world is up to us, and supports that with work such as The Voice Project, and Witness for human rights.  I have written this encompassing that thought for both of these organizations, please visit their sites and support their effort with me.  

One day,
One night,
One joy,
One fight,
One dream,
One goal,
One heart,
One whole,
One tear,
One shove,
One road,
One love,
One tribe,
One kind,
One thought,
One mind,
One stage,
One start,
One role,
One part,
One man,
One wife,
One path,
One life,
In one end,
We’ve begun,
We are real,
We are one.

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