Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Lion and the Rose

This is a poem I wrote while Patrick Swayze was still alive, and I sent this and other works to him and his wife.  This was inspired by their dance titled, "One Last Dance".  

I wrote this some years ago and it is from my first book Endless Perspective of Life which you can buy from me SIGNED by clicking on the title above.  If you will be with me in La Jolla on October 20th, I can dedicate a copy of the book to you in person.

For Lisa Niemi and Patrick Swayze      
Joined from the youth,
Yet the truth be known,
They were joined on this Earth,
They were one before birth,
In power and with grace,
In beauty and with strength,
They danced from the beginning,
The danced in their love,
A cascade of feeling,
Bathing them in joy and light,
Love from their hearts,
Making effort become effortless,
Their dance could be seen by the blind,
Their dance could be seen from the heart,
Making the beholder breathless,
For one would find his soul dancing,
In adoration of life,
One would find her soul dancing,
While adoring this husband and wife,
How could they rehearse?
As the dance appears written by the heart,
While the music plays its verse,
Choreography becomes something past,
As their dance paves a new path,
And we find ourselves coming behind them,
Allowing them to lead us,
As their dance through the years,
Has been lead by the love of God,
While they rode their horses,
And protected the land,
While apart in circumstances,
Nothing separated their hands,
Nothing separates their hearts,
Nothing separates their life,
In sickness or in health,
In love or in strife,
Their dance continues through the years,
Their dance has carried them,
Through their tears,
Proven time after time,
And proven until,
The ultimate test,
As one became ill,
While physical strength,
Flowed from his hands,
Their powerful love,
Gave him strength to stand,
Finding reason to fight,
Finding strength to try,
Each time he beheld,
His loving wife’s eyes,
They continued to dance,
When a moment gave strength,
The lion and the rose,
Tested trials in time’s length,
Month after month,
Never giving in,
Treasuring each moment,
In each other’s arms,
Treasuring each smile,
Taking in all beauty,
That life could allow,
And adding more beauty,
Renewing their vows,
Though the illness has closed,
The lion’s wonderful eyes,
We are left with a truth,
That can never be denied,
And the partners are still dancing,
For they can never be broken apart,
The Lion and the Rose,
Will always be in my heart.

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