Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Golden Bond

This is an older poem from my first book Endless Perspective of Life which you can buy from me SIGNED by clicking on the title above.  As this poem as touched many over the years, I felt led to bring it back out on the Internet.

A bond of gold on my hand marks the birth of a new man,
The beginning of a new life,
The dawn of an eternal love,
In the embrace of my loving wife.
Two souls sealed in the furnace of God's love,
Made forever one in His secure hand.

The price of love is paid for by the sharing of our souls.
My eyes, touched with her kiss, see her world.
My heart, anointed by her tears, knows her every pain.
My soul, filled with her laughter, is renewed by her joy.
The sheer force of her life within me renders all things gain.
The chill of all fear is gone, the darkness of life's doubts are washed away;
Replaced by the peace of her compassion for my soul.
And the knowing that I wake to the warmth of her tender eyes,
Each and every day.

For better or for worse I thrive facing all things.
For I face all things with my soul mate by my side.
How ever could I have lived without her?
The lonely memory of my solitary existence is gone!
So I thank God continually for His creation of marriage,
As I live forever in love, safe within the Golden Bond.

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