Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Initiative

Jeanette and Alexander knew each other since childhood.
 They fulfilled their dreams spending each day together.
Their only remaining wish was to be together at the end.
On their 75th wedding anniversary, they passed away in each other's arms.
This is where the story begins...

Hand in hand,
They play as children,
Girl and boy,
No need of toys,
Just in a field,
Or up a tree,
Hand in hand,
For all to see.

Heart in heart,
And into life,
As man and wife,
Share pain and joy,
No matter what,
And through all things,
Look in their eyes,
And hear them sing.

Life in life,
Fulfilling full,
For all in all,
They do stand tall,
In family’s eyes,
From day to day,
Just joy in being,
Always this way.

And hand in hand,
Their tale is told,
Though they’ve grown old,
Forever young,
Never to part,
Soul initiative,
Right from the start.

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