Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cookies - for Uncle Jack

In the scope of things,
One life may seem small,
Yet one life contains a heart,
And each heart is a universe.

He loved to have a cookie,
At the end of every meal,
Something to look forward to,
A piece of joy for the soul.

A cookie from the hand,
Of the wife that stood beside him,
Was love becoming physical,
Merging spirit with the world.

This was a piece of joy,
A token between friends,
Passing from other hands to his,
And lifting up his smile.

A variety of flavors,
Reflecting on the truth,
That each and every person,
Is variety in motion.

He has become so old,
And frail within the physical,
Yet deep within his heart,
He is forever young.

And so this is to him,
And also to us all,
Sharing each day our love,
In light of cookies yet to come.

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