Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Eyes of a Lady

Can you see the beauty?
When surrounded by flowers?
A colorful cascade,
Arranged for the heart?
Can you see the eyes,
Of she who strolls through it?
In appreciation’s song,
Soul singing from the start.

She sings without words,
She sings without music,
For her notes are in life,
Beating around us all.
She sings in the workplace,
She sings within her home,
Music to be recognized,
And felt by all.

In her eyes’ reflection,
The world appears in truth,
In her eyes’s reflection,
I see further than beyond.
I can taste colors of joy,
And feel the hues of pain,
And reconnect my heart,
When all feeling is gone.

She tastes a million voices,
And hears a million colors,
Speaks of a million things,
Just trying to find the words.
Yet in silence I can hear,
When I just use my eyes,
For they can see the music,
Of all the things unheard.

And now I see the beauty,
Of life beyond eternal,
With reality unfolding,
Past imagination’s skies.
For all things are revealed,
Through love’s great inspiration,
As beauty keeps unfolding,
In my soulmate’s eyes.

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