Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Girl With The Flower

For a friend facing much.

In the realm of possibilities,
There are no true exceptions,
For all things may happen,
Seemingly without reason,
Bringing darkness for a season,
And with it pain.

Through truth,
We doubt,
No truth,
Will shout,
Through fear,
To ears,
Not hearing.

Life is possibility,
As all things are of energy,
And energy is from love,
In creation from the heart,
Which God’s faith did impart,
With power beyond comprehension,
To His children.

We have power,
For this hour,
To see clear,
All that’s dear,
For through knowing,
We are showing,
What is truth.

Our minds bend reality,
Through the strength of passion,
And the force of our will,
In the work of our hands,
Though our hands seem meek,
And our hearts grow weak,
In Him we are strong.

We will not fail,
Though we seem frail,
Do not give in,
To illusions of grief,
For testing is brief,
In eternity’s true reflection,
Casts away all deception.

It is the girl with the flower,
That is the strongest of them all,
For her strength is of the heart,
And she goes forth in stride,
Her love is her pride,
Handing beauty and strength,
To another soul.

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