Thursday, July 23, 2015


Doctors told her she would not make it.
She lived to tell me they were wrong.
Never doubt the scope of possibility in faith!

Passing by the elevator,
Greeting us,
In meeting us,
With bright eyes,
She relayed a happy tale.

Unexpected this was,
Going somewhere,
To find her there,
With a smile,
God lifted up a veil.

Her name is Edie,
Though very quick,
She was sick,
The doctors there,
Painted picture grim.

Her heart was stronger,
Then illness come,
Wherever from,
And with faith,
She faced chances slim.

Her prayers were answered,
And from her bed,
Though almost dead,
She rose with force,
Joy to share a new.

For she was talking,
Heart to heart,
A brand new start,
Though doctor said,
Her life was through.

We never know,
Day to day,
Here to stay,
For each day we have,
Is a gift to share.

Like Edie showed me,
Living true,
Means coming through,
With a smile,
Showing all you care.

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