Monday, July 20, 2015


Six dice,
Anything goes,
How they land,
No one knows,
Three sixes,
Six hundred,
Three fours,
Four hundred,
Four sixes,
A thousand,
For fun,

Risk a little,
To gain more?
Two more dice,
An open door?
Roll and see,
A hundred points,
Or five hundred flee,
Yet a different game,
The risk forms pain,
Risking relations,
Just for an issue,
Letting a good soul,
Go and miss you.

Is it worth it?
Ask yourself!
You are hurting now,
But pain does pass,
As wine from a glass,
But on the floor,
Or to the lips,
We have hands,
And are equipped,
For the heart makes choices,
To silence voices,
Or make all souls glad,
From what can be had.

Realize creation,
It is your station,
Make it happen!
Do not let it pass,
For the choice is yours,
The choice is ours,
To make the play,
Have the good things stay,
Or gain a little for a lot,
Just for a ripple,
Getting out of a pickle,
And leaving a relation,

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