Thursday, July 9, 2015



These words came into my heart as I walked down a hill from Kaiser after visiting someone I love.

I went to see the old man,
He was sleeping in his room,
The nurse was busy outside,
I walked slow to his side,
Hand shaking under the sheets,
And stories inside his soul.

I wished I could touch his heart,
Lay my hand upon his soul,
For souls are made of stories,
As bodies are made of atoms,
And hearts are made of feeling,
And I wished I could feel his stories,
Life and memories to span the sky,
As I stand still upon the ground.

Stories compose each soul,
Tied together by free will,
As we create cosmic points of decision,
For the decision to follow a leaf,
Blowing through a park,
Can lead a man to kindred soul,
Together finding love,
They form a quantum timeline,
And reality changes around them,
Departed from separate paths,
As together they brighten the world.

And so the world exists,
A temporal mirror of forever,
Where we find meaning together,
In the complimentary grip of time,
For as light exists in waves and particles,
Time exists in positions and speed,
And within it we map out destiny,
Riding upon waves of space,
With sails full of love,
As the stars sing out our song,
Leading everywhere towards our hearts.

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