Friday, April 4, 2014

The Heart and the Head

In times of difficulty I have often felt emotion with
no guiding thought on an idea to write.  At this time
I have been greatly concerned with the health of a friend,
and the mother of another friend has just passed away.  In
a morning break at work with no one to talk with I 
picked up a pen.  This is what I wrote.

Where are dreams bred?
Is it in the heart or head?
The head knows how birds fly,
And why bells can ring,
The heart knows joy,
And reasons why to sing.

The head can see little,
Giving reasons for doubt,
And doubts lead to fears,
Blocking answers out,
The heart knows things unseen,
And the freedom to answer anything.

All things are unreal,
Being born from nowhere,
Electrons holding hands,
They are mostly thin air.

Yet all things important,
And all which is true,
Have one thing in common,
They all come from you.

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