Saturday, April 19, 2014

Beyond Belief - For Easter 2014

Easter is here,
And the birds do sing,
Their voices convey,
An impossible thing,
As lives lead to death,
And the day unto night,
That new birth occurs,
For our souls to take flight.
The flowers give hint,
They come back to bloom,
The mind will accept,
If the heart gives it room,
That the end is not here,
When we lay down and die,
Our true home lies beyond,
Where are souls seek to fly,
For God’s son set the tone,
When He died here on Earth,
As he rose from the dead,
To give proof of new birth,
But that just can’t be done!
Our sharp minds think and say,
But perhaps we can’t see,
In the clear light of day,
For our cells form of atoms,
And those of energy,
What science truly knows,
Is that can not cease to be,
Energy can only change,
In appearance and form,
But what is of the truth,
Is that we don’t know the norm,
For if energy is from God,
And God truly is,
Why would he not,
Protect what is His?
He gave us His Son,
And he gave us the way,
And so we CELEBRATE,
On this Easter Day!

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