Monday, April 28, 2014

The Bad Penny

I swore that I would not write today!
Yet at work there is a young gal, recently engaged, 
who spoke of a tough fight.  It suddenly came to me that
focusing on such circumstance instead of another person's 
soul is like chasing a rolling penny past a $100 bill.  My wife
loved the concept when I shared it with her, and all I can say to 
that is her putting up with me should qualify her for sainthood. 

Circumstance is like a penny,
Tarnished and defaced,
Yet always coming up,
In any pocket you own.
And yet we all go through it,
Perhaps you never knew it,
But in going through hard times,
You are never alone.

When that penny falls,
It is tempting to chase it,
As it rolls across the ground,
The chase is quite a thrill.
Yet in chasing a penny,
You may pass true treasures,
As you run right by,
A hundred dollar bill.

That is ridiculous,
You read and you think,
Yet this always happens,
With argument and strife.
For we strive with each other,
About meaningless things,
And forget that nothing is ever,
More meaningful than life.

So if you look upon another,
Through long eyelashes,
Or your eyes see out from,
A strong face full of hair,
You look into a soul,
That is unlike no other,
Speak words from the heart,
Show that you know and care.

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