Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Prayer of Words

I am still uncertain about a title for this, though I wanted to share it.  With one close friend recently cleared of a cancer threat, and another young friend introduced to this same threat, I was not in the mood for writing.  I did not feel God laid a thought or message on my heart as I usually do.  I did not see a title in mind as usual.  I simply felt emotional.  Without any clear idea, I just started writing.  Then the stanzas started getting shorter, so I decided to try a new style.

Words fail me,
I do not use them.
Circumstances come,
I do not choose them.
My wings are for flight,
Through storms may blow,
The cold may grow,
The stars will show me,
Where to go.

Souls fly near me,
Some hearts do hear me,
Travelers of life,
Each adding music,
On different pats,
Within the song,
Around me shining,
They are the stars.

I do not wonder,
On what I write,
Though I thank God,
Who sends the words.
And when I see,
A star grow brighter,
The words hit home.

For life is magic,
Escaping definition,
Begging recognition,
For the gift it is,
Growing beauty,
And so we live.

Life matter is energy,
Our thoughts add to it,
Heaven grows from our hearts,
Imagination’s source is passion,
And life’s meaning grows clear.

When time brings changes,
Changes may bring fear,
The land speaks comfort to me,
That the song remains the same.

And again with our souls,
As we add life to life,
The building blocks are words.

May my words build you,
In strength and inspiration.

The meaning of life is love.

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